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Why does a Book series have its own NFT collections?

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The idea of designing images and characters for a book comes from the fundamental logic of creating a story. Like many other proper books, “Jason Was 17” aims to create its unique story while telling about crucial problems that we face in our daily lives in our communities. The first season of the series with 12 different episodes gives a little taste about how the book is going to convey its message through dark sense of humor and absurd comedy. When we started the JW17 NFTs, we not only aimed to create the characters and places that readers may stimulate in their minds while reading the story, we also wanted to create a unique reading experience with many different design techniques combined with NFTs. We believe this idea will inspire other communities to build different types of art projects in different fields like we did.


Ollie The King for JW17


Ollie The King for JW17 is the first collection in this series with a small, relevant number of collectibles that use the oldest method in the book to create visual art. After the idea of making ntfs for the story of the book "Jason Was 17", in other words, JW17, we decided to stimulate this process like an evolutionary phase in which the message and diversity stay in a similar context while the collections of the series range by quantity and many styles of digital art.

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Stimulation JW17


Stimulation JW17 is the second collection that is currently released which has 3D art forms designed by using more advanced softwares to create the NFTs. “Ollie The King for JW17” and “Stimulation JW17” demonstrates that the JW17 series values the message and the meaning that the NFTs give more than the techniques, tools and methods  that are used to create the art works. In this series we wanted Stimulation JW17 to be more visual and eye-catching. 


All characters used in the items wear VR Glasses to create the irony that currently the characters are experiencing a much different world than yours which fits perfectly with the world of JW17. Although the book “Jason Was 17” doesn’t have a large number of characters in season 1, the upcoming seasons have a much wider atmosphere with many more new characters. Since only season 1 is released, we kept the number of character styles minimum for the first hundred NFTs of this series.

We aimed to have similar looks for most of the characters while keeping the backgrounds and the postures distinctive from each other. This is because we wanted to underline the fact that the characters might look similar but they are totally in different worlds both real and simulated ones.

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Real World JW17s


“Real World JW17s” is the true fusion of digital art and the old way of creating visual artworks This collection of the JW17 NFT’s are being drawn by the talented artist Aybige Loc who proved her talent with many other previous art projects she did. You can check out her etsy account and her instagram account for her individual projects.  This NFT collection also has a unique release strategy. We are going to publish this collection thousand by thousand by adding upto ten thousand NFTs in total. Time between release dates are a little longer than Real World JW17s as it is drawn by hand and usage of AI is minimized.

Moreover, for each release of a thousand NFTs of this collection we choose 111 lucky owners of a launch of the collection for a later surprise.

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