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Secret Behind the Tough and Funny Posture

We, human beings, commonly tend to admire the funny, confident, healthy-looking people in the way of equalizing ourselves with them. The crucial point is that we ignore the iceberg's under part other than the fun part that faces all the challenges that the ocean brings out to take a photo of the one being above the water. In this half book review you are going to learn a little about a book which identifies the weaknesses of people clearly by showing the background stories and the inner thoughts of characters only to you, to its reader in the purpose proving that everyone has a weak spot somewhere deep inside them, from Reşat Nuri Güntekin; "Bir Kadın Düşmanı". Reşat Nuri Güntekin is a popular and well-known Turkish author, especially with his books which are dramatized with realistic situations and susceptible emotions. "Bir Kadın Düşmanı" is being among that books. Still, in my opinion, it distinguishes itself from other books by being way more creative on explaining the title "Weakness", by including a love story and demonstrating the usual kinds of stuff in life without being cliche or boring and last but not least by including almost every vital issue in life such as friendship, love, relationship, loneliness without being off-topic or creating an eclectic atmosphere.

 In the book, our main character is Humongous. It's his nickname; his real name is Ziya. However, no one uses that name in the novel except for a few characters, and there is an acceptable reason that the author shows the reader why about everyone using that nickname; Homongolos. Sara is the other main character in the novel, and the story chiefly covers up around these two people. I need to emphasize that the story is not a romantic or cliche love story, it has lots of other characters and includes diverse subjects, sad for some of you sex is not one of them. Reşat Nuri clarifies that weakness is not a one-handed or single core with the character Homongolos.
  The author also wants to take attention to how the way people grow up, how the society and the environment shape their unique features. With a return in time, the technic author allows us to see the primary life of the main characters, and this provides the reader to perceive the main messages given better.
In conclusion, the novel "Bir Kadın Düşmanı" has a lot of distinct taste at once. If you really think that ice cream on Doritos does not taste good because of sugar and spice difference, I advise you to think twice because while you are reading the novel. Your tears will be the sign of the knowledge you gained during the period of getting into Humongous world and being wiser will make you happier. And as a quick reminder, do not try that Doritos and ice cream couple before reading the novel. I do not want to make you discouraged about reading the book by that creepy taste.

Annex: code numbers are very short sentences or pharses created or converted by the author of the book. Try to have fun and  search for annex: code numbers while reading the book.

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