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Dortes are designed to be mostly annoying, beneficial, informative, critical, disgusting, funny all at once, snacks, especially for readers who want to read comic books. Apart from some of the “Dortes” they are not usually related to the storyline of the book; however they have similarities at some points. They are like little notes that belong to the author throughout the writing process of the book. By that, the reader can make simple predictions about the conflicts that the author has in his mind through the process of writing the book.


The Book


Episodes are the fundamental parts of the book. In these parts, we have the opportunity of observing the complicated world of “Jason was 17’. The story does not have a perfectly designed timeline. By that author is aiming to block the time perception of readers to have the intensity of the book. Episodes are available to be discovered by overly curved brains. The book tries to address a real-life issue extraordinarily.

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Annex: code numbers are created to find out the real meanings behind the silly words. The purpose of this part of the book is basically for fun. Even though the degenerated terms are the representation of the sense of humour in the book, readers should also look for their diverse flavour in them.

code numbers

This book is not simply designed to make money. However, making money online is one of the goals of the book for the continuation of the series, "Jason Was 17".

For readers who are willing to have fun days, "Jason Was 17" is the absolute book for reading. It is a medium sized ebook and easy to read.

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Your purchase will contribute the authors of the funny book, "Jason Was 17". So we appreciate every fund of yours. Thank you, for real !

You can find funny animations on other pages of the site and also youtube account of Jason Was 17, which is mainly for funny animations

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